An Idea That Can Be the Biggest Contribution from App Developers of the World

App development is one of the software development formats that are right now helping various developers earn thousands of dollars per month. Android, IOS, Symbian and all such operating systems are now the heartbeat of millions of developers all over the world. All of them are living a luxurious life and the biggest investment in Indian economy and also United States Economy comes from this sector. Both SSN and Aadhar card are one of the biggest projects. United States has SSN from years and now India has also joined the race with their Aadhar card project. However, the biggest idea is something else and one of the politicians has put forward a great idea. However, surprisingly, it was taken as an example and none of the person even tried to bring it to limelight. Anyways, I am not going to go this unnoticed as its one of the best idea that has been put forward by any politician for a long period of time. The concept is related to missing children and it can be a great concept for he people of the world.
The work is going on to make each location in world safe and in that case, if your child is missing then he or she is going to be found alive in some location nearby as not any person can perform the crime such as kidnapping. However, that child can be quite small to find his/ her parents and that can be a big problem for the government as they have the task cut out to find their parents. Police departments have been working hard to complete and close such cases successfully. However, their task can be made simple and for that it’s important to make sure that you have a database like SSN and Aadhar card. Now each child and adults details are being saved in Aadhar card. Hence, it’s important to make an app through which you can scan the photo of the missing child and then you can find his details. Once the details have been found, his/her parents can be called and take back home their child.
These are very delicate issue and parents go through a long session of stress and tragedy. If the case is not solved then their whole life is ruined and it’s hard for them to live as their future hope is no more with them. These are disgusting situation and you will seldom find any person happy. Also, this is a big headache for the government and the police. You just cannot give Z security to all and people are going to suffer from evils. However, if these kinds of apps are being made by some app developer across the world them it can be the greatest app ever. We now have all major requirements covered through various apps available on various app stores. Now, it’s turn to look on the security issues and make these apps an available security weapon. Hope, some app developer read this and starts working on it so that we have one such apps in next one year. I again app reciate the politician who has put forward this idea in one of the recent live show on one very popular national news channel.