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As a first-class iOS developer for any Apple gadget, we offer excellent functionality and pixel-perfect appearance of the app. We love challenges and puzzles, we are ready to implement the Apple application of any complicity to meet the needs and requirements of our customers and their clients and carry out the tedious process of business optimisation to awesome results and increase of revenue for your company.

Development of Business Applications

Mobile development is a promising business direction for ambitious startups, small retailers or large companies. Companies that target the Apple platform can place the most advanced iOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS technologies in the hands of business partners, employees, and customers. The development of custom iOS can reach people from all over the world, even on the road.


Powerful Apple devices, such as iPhones and iPads, will offer bottomless functionality for growing businesses, increasing productivity and gaining new customers through seamless integration with existing ecosystems. With the help of expert iOS developers, the company can create multifaceted experiences with truly intuitive navigation. The experience tailor made by Apple can provide highly customized digital products for customers. By deeply understanding the customer industry gained during the collaboration, you can create iOS applications that solve problems and respond to business needs.

UX completely customised

Certified Apple Developer

As a member of Apple's developer program, we will test the new version, create compatible IT solutions, reach our customers, access the latest beta software that can offer next-generation software solutions with features and advanced app services. I will. Membership in this program allows iOS developers to take advantage of Apple's software and hardware to create sophisticated applications and distribute iOS applications to Apple's app store.

Members have access to all the resources needed to configure software services and send the latest updates. Apple-certified iOS developers take advantage of a comprehensive framework that supports the excellent services of iOS, OS X, Watch OS and TVOS.

Apple also offers program members the ability to test the app with the help of TestFlight Beta Testing, which exposes its app to 2,000 external evaluators who can provide comments before the official release.

Finally, the membership of the Apple Developer Program is an app analysis that allows iOS programmers to measure and present data on user engagement, or evaluate marketing strategies and the results of monetization strategies without technical implementation. Make the tool accessible.

Xcode IDE

Xcode IDE is an integrated development environment and a set of development tools to create applications that run on Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Watch. Xcode integrates user interface design, code creation, testing, debugging and shipping, and creates a continuous development workflow. The latest Apple Xcode update has accelerated this powerful development tool, added new editor extensions and enabled iOS developers to customize their coding experience. With these improvements, the iOS encoder navigates within the text of the editor, selects the code and modifies it to reformat the snapshots. In addition, the Quick Help documentation and the completion of the image code are included. Runtime problems will identify and automatically report hidden errors, race conditions, and memory loss warnings. By accessing such impressive functions and abilities of developers, the development process is simplified and the quality of the code is improved.

Programming Language

Our developers can work with both programming languages ​​available to write code that runs on the iOS platform. Initially I used Objective-C, the primary programming language for writing iOS software, and provided developers with a dynamic execution time and object-oriented functionality. Apple developers are experts in the management of object graphics and differ multiple responsibilities up to the time of execution. Because iOS developers have a deep understanding of creating classes and writing custom objects, use the Cocoa Touch structure class that affects the behavior of language-level functions. And when Apple launched Swift in 2014, our iOS developers accessed more intuitive programming languages ​​with concise syntax and more natural API names, and programmers created incredibly fast software. We made it possible In addition, system APIs such as Core Graphics and Grand Central Dispatch are harmonized with Swift, which was developed to simplify the development practices of the iOS platform.


The Apple framework provides a set of dynamic shared libraries provided with related resources, such as header files, tip files, localized strings, image files. When creating an app, Apple iOS developers can link the project to several frames and have the code access the functionality through the API. Programmers have access to these packages through the Cocoa NSBundle class or the grouped Core Foundation service. Through the use of dynamic shared resources, the use of program memory is reduced, performance is improved and compatibility with previous versions of previous systems is possible. Therefore, the Foundation framework provides Cocoa methods and class program interfaces for developers to manage low-level data types. UIKit includes methods and classes of the user interface layer of the iOS app. The basic graphics frame provides access to the Quartz 2D interface. Our team has sufficient capabilities to use these frames and other frameworks to ensure perfect and reasonable performance and robust app functionality.

What type of app is required?

When approaching an IT agency with the idea of ​​a new app in mind, you should explain its function and general purpose to software experts. Since we entered the mobile device market for more than seven years, we have tested, developed and offered several variations of applications, resulting in a unique combination of user experiences and functions. Our experience in building a personalized user experience helps us understand the needs and requirements of our customers and how to distinguish customer applications from rivals, as we have experience in all possible app categories. In our development case, you can find specialized works for creation:

  • Productivity software solution that performs specific tasks or processes in a more efficient and organised way, such as task management applications, custom calendars, cloud storage, customized database solutions.
  • A business app that improves internal and external collaboration by sharing content and editing functions such as Remote Desktop Solution, Customer Resource Management, Enterprise Resource Planning System, POS, VoIP Phone.
  • A financial app that supports business finance problems and personal problems, including financial needs, such as asset management, financial transactions, mobile banking, invoice notification, tax administration, insurance.
  • Using the M - Commerce app to manage the visual collection of customers' products and services, users can improve shopping experiences and offer product review, coupon exchange and Apple Pay functionality.
  • Utility IT products that solve specific problems, such as custom calculators, barcode scanners, measurement solutions and other tools.
  • A social networking solution for common use within the staff within the company's communication, or text messages, share photos and voices, video calls, etc.
  • We can build an iOS software that meets all the needs of your business.

How It Works

Our team is based on Agile development methods such as Scrum, Crystal Clear, XP, etc. We recommend an iterative development process that guarantees timely delivery and superior quality combination. With this approach, you can quickly respond to customer feedback by adjusting software products to meet evolving requirements.

Thorough planning

Repetitive development consisting of several cycles adds flexibility, but careful planning eliminates the need for additional expenses and accelerates development itself. It is essential to determine the target audience and the needs of the user. We will examine the idea of ​​the client, confirm the relevance and demand in the mobile ecosystem and confirm that this project will be successful in the market.

Business analysts help customers create customized software strategies and dedicated project managers to help identify the main functions of the first MVP (minimum executable product). We intensely explore the client's business, understand national and foreign needs, and work with this knowledge as weapons.

UI / UX design

Design plays an important role in the way the app perceives when people meet for the first time. If the user returns to it, it will affect the user. Appearance should not conflict functionally and aesthetically, but navigation should include a well-known behavioral model. Experienced designers will create various user interface designs for customer comments and ensure that all variations convey the unique brand identity of the customer. When the client chooses a design, I like to create selectable prototypes that show how the interface reacts to user behavior. Test its ease of use and make the necessary changes. Designers can work closely with clients, convey the vision of their clients and consult with developers on technical issues.


IOS developers write clear, easy-to-read code that uses sophisticated SDK tools and other Apple resources on the Apple Developers website to build a tough and scalable architecture. They begin with the development and provision of MVP, which includes key features and selected UI designs that implement intuitive UX. This work program clearly indicates to the client what the app is, how it works, what function is missing, or vice versa. The developers will continue to provide results after adjusting the comments provided by Sprint, integrating new features and making changes so that the program is fully compatible with the client's needs.

Continuous testing

We believe that testing is an integral part of the software creation process that accompanies the program throughout the development life cycle. The QA experts prevent serious errors in the exhaustive analysis of the project of the program. They anticipate potential challenges and propose optimal solutions that interfere with the user's experience with errors. When the developer writes the code, the verifier executes the code and executes the program to confirm that the criteria such as performance, usability and security comply with corporate standards. If a failure occurs, the tester notifies the developer of the error and the developer debugs the app. We can boast about the global quality of digital products.

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