Apps Developers Are Having Fun in India These Days

There is no hesitation at all that app developers are having a great time during last few years. They all are having great time. You just cannot hope for a better business than app developing right now. This is one of the best businesses that you can think of right now. You can earn best value for your work. The first decade was being flooded with web development projects and there was an extensive use of ASP.NET and PHP. If we move ahead to last decade of 20th century, we find extensive use of HTML. Web development started in 1990.
However, now we have tablets and Smartphone. They are small and you get less space to describe yourself. Mobile friendly websites, optimized websites and the responsive websites have become quite popular. However on mobile it all started with apps. App industry has seen a big revolutionary business during last 6 years. Hence, you can hope for the best.
Both Android and IOS and sometimes Symbian have proved out to be one of the best working environments for Smartphone and tablets. Android apps and IOS apps have become quite popular and mobile application development companies are making a great profit out of these companies. If you wish you can be an independent app developer as well. However, maximum jobs right now are available with the Android and IOS mobile application development. Nokia is a property of Microsoft now and the whole mobile application development environment is being influenced by Smartphone and tablet now.
Smartphone are not that big and this is the main problem with mobile technology. Tablets are of different size as well. Screen plays an important role in mobile website industry. However, mobile apps are made for mobile only. Probably, now we are up with responsive websites and hence apps have become a secondary item for mobiles as well now. We now deal with responsive websites on mobiles now.
Apps are being made at rapid pace now. However, Responsive websites have come forward as a better alternative. Even then apps seem to be one of the very important inclusions in industry right now. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, and games related, bank related, ecommerce oriented, hospital emergency service related, railways, flight reservation related and many more, they all have become quite popular now.
It has been quite incredible to notice such a huge turnaround. App stores are getting a great response from Arabian countries. USA, Europe, and Australia have already been successful locations for app development. Apps have originated from US and more than 75% of US citizens are having Smartphone. This is one year old survey results and hence it can be understood how important Smartphone is for all kind of people across the world. They all are having a great time right now with apps and this is a great market research results for app developers. They can hope for even better results in 2014. By 2015, probably, app development and responsive website development work might end up being the most profitable business in software industry. Overall it’s all butter and milk for all kind of app developers.