Mature iOS Developers in the UK

We are a creative group of programmers based in London and we have collected a team of the most competent and qualified designers and iOS developers in the UK to implement your project.

Team of IT specialists

This digital agency has trained forward-thinking and creative IT experts. By having such a skilled coders and team of graphic designers, it is possible to bring to life any ideas not only for the iOS platform, but also for other products such as watchOS, OS X, tvOS. We provide great software solutions for Apple's operating system.

IT consultants have extensive experience in developing sophisticated IT strategies for leading brands, small businesses and groundbreaking start-ups. You can also rely on experienced business analysts, software engineers, mobile / web programmers, UI / UX designers, full-quality equipment, as well as Swift and Objective-C programming as you approach the team.

Our UK iOS Developers offer a variety of services from the development of applications for iPhone and iPad, individual software solutions based on mobile apps for Android and Windows Mobile platforms, scripts for user applications and background services I will. However, the main priority is the creation of bespoke digital products for iOS.

Why iOS development?

Fast and comprehensible

We recognize that Apple products are different from other products with software and hardware benefits. Due to the better software and hardware integration, it is known that the iPhone provides the fastest user experience. With the 3D Touch and Retina screen, iOS programmers not only implement rich visualization and animation, they also have the opportunity to access the interactive features of iOS applications and access some functions without loading Yes. With qualitative coding and programming, the iOS developer in the UK allows users to perform several quick actions from the home screen by pressing the app icon.

Timely update of operating system

The development of Android applications has several screens and resolutions, the Android operating system is customized by several brands such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. However, previous versions of the operating system are often used on Android devices, so in the programming and maintenance of apps, all devices and customization of the operating system will increase costs. Speaking of the iOS platform, more than 80% of iPhones and iPads are running the latest version of Apple software. Therefore, it is much faster to provide iOS applications on the market and make sure it works correctly on all iPhones and iPads.


Apple continues to introduce new features in all the updates of the new operating system. iPads multitasking, iPhone, Siri, iMessages ApplePay. As widget personalization continues to increase, iOS programmers can customize the user experience that integrates the features of available devices. The split screen of iPads allows users to work simultaneously with multiple programs, improving the efficiency of users. Apple Pay allows programmers to create first-class retail experiences that integrate easy-to-use payment gateways that can be activated with touch sensors. In addition, this feature has many features that allow programmers to create attractive software solutions with outstanding features.

Safe and private

Finally, the most powerful claims to support the iOS operating system are security and privacy, highly appreciated by entrepreneurs. Apple's operating system has a reputation as the most stable and fragile platform of less than 1% of malware threats targeting this operating system. The fragmentation of Android periodically complicates the creation of appropriate security patches.Apple's access code and fingerprints also protect user data, but the end-to-end encryption implemented in iMessage makes the iPhone more private. Secure Enclave, a subsection of Apple's processor chip, stores and protects confidential data, such as the user's fingerprints, as part of the encryption configuration imposed by TrustZone / SecurCore technology.

What does the iOS developer job mean?

Here, in our app design agency, the internal team of the UK iOS developers are working with the code, providing bespoke solutions for business companies and individual entrepreneurs. IT companies based in the UK realize the idea of ​​promising applications for mobile devices and Apple gadgets, with their experience and skills, end-to-end app development and business challenges.

Job description

How about being a brilliant developer of our app development agency? We are a respectable company with the head office in London, and presenting a great team of digital professionals: programmers, testers, designers and work at a fast pace according to both agile and waterfall methods.

Our IT specialists strive to provide real benefits to customers through the development of mobile and web applications that change games. Project managers are constantly looking for interesting projects that involve developers to solve problems and meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

We gathered UK experts with advanced skills to provide first-class digital products for iOS throughout the development lifecycle. They manufacture state-of-the-art technologies to produce superior digital products. Our team members train coding skills through continuous professional development, IT workshops, new Apple app development tools, tutorials dedicated to Hackerton and other professional and educational events, develop new technologies. We encourage you to explore.

Required skills

To be a part of our professional development team, developers must acquire sophisticated and hands-on experience that can offer robust, scalable and secure solutions for Apple devices. . We are bringing together the most trained iOS programmers in the UK so that they can implement the advanced project. Some skill set developers are to be part of the team.

  • High communication and collaboration skills.
  • Excellent analytical skills and problem solving skills.
  • Powerful coding capability with Objective-C and Swift.
  • Possibility of writing clean, easy to read and maintenance code.
  • Experience solving compilation problems within the platform.
  • Safe work with APIs, libraries and native and third-party frameworks.
  • Possibility of creating integrated test scripts and units.
  • A deep understanding of the patterns and design patterns of iOS.
  • Knowledge of agile development methodology, continuous iterative integration, testing and implementation.

iOS Development Tool

To create a native iOS app and publish it to the App Store, developers must be certified as members of the Apple Developer Program. Leading companies in the UK can boast of the team of certified professionals that will benefit from the Apple Developer Program by accessing the Apple SDK, test tools, analytics tools, the Apple App Store. The iOS programmer uses the Xcode IDE to create a native user experience and Apple periodically updates it.

The integrated development environment offers everything for the creation of incredible applications for all Apple devices, from iPhones and iPads to Mac and Apple TVs. In a recent update, we were able to use the new Interface Builder to show the preview of the developer's app, the extension of the editor and the alert function of the runtime problem. Developers always recognize hidden errors and memory leaks.

iOS Developer Service

We can expect high quality services and efforts to develop projects in cooperation with the global developers of the UK. Our IT team is ready to support updates, code reviews, new feature integration and software maintenance.

iOS Strategy

Millions of native applications are stored in the app store, so users can select any category of apps. That is why it is important to provide users with distinguished applications from the rivals who acquired the first position in the App Store. We distinguish between the products of our customers and the products of our competitors and have extensive experience to guarantee an unparalleled user experience. The team based in the UK knows how to meet the stricter iOS requirements than Android and Windows. Experts in mobile devices prepare and plan carefully and lead the best mobile strategy. They are based on the identification of the target audience, the realization of a market research that meets the needs adapted to the needs of the user and the creation of a market launch strategy by this specialist specialist in mobile devices to ensure the success of the market. draft.

Design and development

Our design team and our development team in the UK take care of the user experience that makes your iPhone app remarkably different from the others. All these aspects, such as program performance, comfort and ease of use, are an integral part of success and can be done with a high quality code and a scalable architecture that allows the evolution of the program. The attractive appearance and intuitive feeling are the result of our work. The iOS designer is working closely to communicate the identity of the company through the company's logo and the applications that implement the brand. Software engineers and developers make prototype schemes and programs that require customer feedback to ensure that they meet the requirements and are intuitive to use. They allow the appearance and behavior of the app to be well integrated with the ability to allow the user to operate more frequently.

Quality assurance

As we are the leading IT agency in the UK, we are trying to approve the reputation by adding quality assurance services. Experienced QA experts will investigate all development cases to anticipate project challenges and developers in order to create potential solutions to eliminate serious errors and programming errors. Testers run applications throughout the development process, and check the most valuable factors such as intuitivity, performance, security, and many other to report developers if there are any problems to fix all minor inconveniences until they meet corporate standards.

Technical support

As we strive to serve your success, call us as an extension of your own team. Our technical experts will not leave the clients after the product launch, leaving only the initialization and implementation of the project. British companies say "wonderful" to customers who strive to meet business needs and personal demands. You can provide maintenance services as needed and grow your projects.

Let's start a productive collaboration

We are a UK app development company with a good reputation and more than 8 years of experience. Our developers know how to provide an attractive and feature-rich user experience that suits your goals. Please, share the idea of ​​your iOS app and we will bring it to reality.