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Since the beginning of our inception, our company has made a very good show step by step to become the UK and the leading mobile device software development company in the world. This is possible because the team is comprised of skilled and enthusiastic software engineers and IT programmers engineers who provide outstanding design and powerful functionalities for digital solutions.

Our Experience

Company provides a mobile app development organization that provides comprehensive business analytics and mobile strategy services to UI / UX designed, scheduled and started. We are an in-house London team with more than 100 developers and IT specialists with over 6 years of corporate history. The team through our offices in London for UK and international customer service is still very mobile, especially when the development of the project requires that we exist in the client's office. Business analysts study customers' businesses and make work competent because we need to gain insight into the industry. Developers have worked with various business projects to help clients achieve their business goals. So today we have a good professional level in providing mobile programs to different industries and purposes. If you are looking for a professional mobile app developer in London, please contact us.

Customize the company's mobile applications

Potential companies seek to benefit from modern technology, build mobile software, attract customers, increase brand awareness and loyalty, gather valuable customer data, optimize internal processes, and create new opportunities for employees and customers. Our enterprise software developers in the London offer high quality bespoke solutions for Windows, iOS, and Android devices, be they smartphones or tablets. Customer-centric approach ensures that the mobile programs we create are in line with your needs, even beyond expectations. Customized software solutions from our company for your business processes and personal preferences to ensure a high return on investment.

Mobile business development

iOS Application Development

Apple developers are planning to allow us iPad and iPhone to provide the most qualitative iOS software, providing a native look. We use the latest version of Xcode IDE and mastered Objective-C and Swift to take advantage of all the features and features of iOS. Through the extension of the publisher to update Xcode, so our developers reduce development time and App Thinning innovation so we can optimize the App Store position and improve user speed. Our team prefers to use the iOS platform because it is the most stable and secure choice for business people. In addition, iOS users are called more willing to pay clients, so the iOS platform is better suited to implementing monetization strategies and generating revenue. Another advantage of Apple equipment is the limited number. Screen size and resolution are not as diverse as other platforms, so it's easier to ensure that all people have a great user experience and that the program has fewer errors.

Android App

Android software solutions require strong, almost 80% of the European population using Android devices and the need qualitative software solutions so that their handsets have the necessary functionality. Team works with many Android projects to deliver exciting results. App designers will pay special attention to the optimization of various Android devices, with the operating system and screen size of the particularity of difference. London Developers have the capability in Android Studio and the Eclipse IDE and know how to benefit from Android, Java and other libraries. If you want to reach out to the multitude of users of the Android platform, contact us and we can help you create the best quality user experience with all the features and customize it according to the needs of your company.

Creating Windows Apps

Windows 10 Mobile was released in early 2015 to create desktop and mobile software which run smartphones and tablets, and almost exactly the same functionality benefits from all the features of the platform. Our company has a separate Windows developers who provides the target audience for customers. They are experts who use the latest version of Microsoft tools (such as Visual Studio) and Windows best practices to make their program as easy to use as the Windows platform.

How to Build a Mobile Business App

Small businesses and large, forward-looking companies are actively building mobile applications, injecting new leasing methods, engaging in business operations, which will increase business to a new level. Mobile apps can be a good way to reach the target audience on your smartphone and tablet, as well as smart tools which enable employees and business partners to act faster and always realize that Situation and data in real time. London mobile app developers are happy to offer you with the development of mobile projects.

Determine your Business Goals

The initial stages of any project are clearly identifying the results you want to achieve. Whether you're creating products to meet the needs of end users, offering new opportunities, or optimizing internal operations, you must identify the purpose of the program as accurately as possible and consider the set of features which will be applied to the mobile solution. Determining software costs and project budgets is critical. The app varies depending on your operating system, its functional complexity and compatibility, and its cost can be between 10,000 and million pounds. As an entrepreneur, you need to estimate the approximate budget of the project, and IT consultant can help us contribute immediately after team has defined the desired results.

Select the Appropriate Mobile App Developer in London

To make the idea of ​​an application to live, you will have to learn how to code long enough, or you can hire experienced software developers to commission your projects. Estimated risk! Unlike app production platforms and remote freelancers, developers of leading software companies will be the most reliable choice. The company is a good choice because it offers some high quality assurance and has a programmer, designer and business analyst, since market research to send to the app store to carry out the development of complex projects. As a professional developers in London, we can ensure us validate your application ideas and add valuable inputs based on the experience and expertise.

Design UI / UX Project

Design and function as important, can not be underestimated. First, the user experience design will affect the people and the program interactively. If intuitive and user friendly, people can understand how to use it and how to benefit from it, then it will keep them because it is convenient and solves their problems. Interactive interactive UI design will entice users to remain in the app in a long period of time. It also provides a first impression, if it looks very primitive and ugly, it is likely that the user will be familiar with the app function before leaving it. In addition, the application design can reflect your business identity and promote your brand to the global audience. App developers will create various design layouts of the application's user interface so that you can find the best app interface of your app and fit the company. And we'll pay attention to your navigation map to ensure the application has a clear process.

Coding and Functional Implementation

London mobile software developers adhere to the agile approach by providing iterative and flexible methods to ensure fast time to market and high quality end product. They first provide an MVP (the least viable product), it refers to working with the main function of the program. This is an example of a limited function future mobile applications. So you can try and get a better understanding of its performance and functionality. The developer gradually extends functionality to the MVP which implements the feature you want to add. London team develops software which run a variety of platforms and has sufficient knowledge and skills to benefit from the functionality of each platform. We are a specialist in building local apps that offer a great user experience. Developers are also good at back-end scripting, providing support for Web servers applications.


Multiple devices, operating system versions and screen resolutions are incredible, especially on the Android platform. To embrace more audiences and provide a great user experience for every smartphone or tablet owner, developers should ensure that their programs fit each screen and work well for each device. Sometimes the developer creates a good app running on one device, it may face major errors on another device, and improving these errors can have undesirable consequences for the program itself. That's why our quality assurance department begins analyzing the early stage design to eliminate the big pitfalls and minimize the number of errors. After in-depth analysis, QA experts continue to test the software throughout the development process, each time it adds new features or makes other features. We ensure that applications work in a variety of environments and meet coding standards that deliver superior performance, security, availability, overall feel and appearance.

Release and Maintenance

Sending an app can become a time-consuming and tense process, but on other side we will be as simple as possible. First of all, team only provides high-quality applications that meet all coding standards and guidelines, so do not be afraid that app audits can end in failure. Secondly, we will all apply the app description and the choice of keywords or categories of applications and publish apps on behalf of intellectual property protection. Also, if you do not want to share project ideas, we can sign the NDA with anyone else we can. Easily control user data with Google Analytics to report real-time user activity and help you improve performance and the user experience of your app. After a while, the app is faced with the need for business development and development, and London mobile application developers are happy to help our customers update and update their mobile apps.

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