Recent Web Projects


Furniture Set

A web app for furniture manufacturer and retailer with a mobile version

Our customer was interested in the creation of the complex web and mobile app with e-commerce functionality and CRM system integration. Our customer had in-house IT team but turned to us to assist with domain specific expertise and streamline the deployment of a new IT solution. We collaborated with the customer in-house team providing our consultancy and development help. We redesigned customer’s website integrated a bespoke CRM system and created a mobile version of the website according to client’s requirements.


Reader Page

An engaging reading portal for a publishing company

One of the English-language publishing companies was interested in engaging the young teen audience and generate organic traffic that can be converted into user accounts. We designed a digital community that connects readers of the publisher authors. Our designers created an outstanding and interactive website preserving publisher aesthetics. As our primary audience was a teenage group, we also took care of an adaptive design ensuring mobile-friendly user experience.


Following the art

An art gallery website for boosting online sales

An art gallery with an impressive collection of modern artworks and regular temporary exhibitions approached our web designers to create a website that could boost online sales and help to increase people's awareness of the modern art. Our primary aim was to expand the audience in younger demographic revamping the site and ensuring its responsiveness. We delivered a sophisticated and world-class design implementing some of the artworks from the permanent exhibitions. We also customised CMS that lets the gallery owner and his staff edit the information concerning the gallery activity.



A business-driven website with social networking elements

Our customer outsourced our web design services to build a web platform for professional networking and job hunting purposes. The site should have had functionality that enables professional and business interactions between specialists in different spheres and industries. The site is available in four languages which include English, French, German, and Italian and lets users register, fill in their profiles, apply for job offers and communicate with employers via integrated messenger, create and join topics. There also can be created company profiles, post company news and seek candidates and business partners.



A women’s website with published materials

Our women magazine owner approached us to build a web version of his magazine as a women’s resource that daily provides articles and blogs dedicated to the beauty tips, style trends, health advice, and other matters women talk about. We built an amazing-looking, informative, and interactive product. The registration isn’t necessary to access unique content written especially for this site, but it provides additional social media functionality including leaving comments, sharing via social networks and putting likes. Our web designers also ensured that this women-oriented platform has responsive design making it mobile-friendly.


Auto Dealer

A web portal for Australian auto dealer

Our customer reached Ha&Co to create a new web portal for the company paying special attention to its mobile-friendliness. Site owner wanted to preserve existing design but update it implementing new features that could improve its navigation map. Our web designers incorporated an effective search engine that lets users conveniently navigate the site. Users can use advanced search setting filters for the variety of parameters from vehicle type and brand to a specific colour. Dealer centres can be found by location and brand, while vehicle and company services can be booked in advance. We also created adaptive design layouts for mobile devices.