Software Development in the UK and around the World

As a leader in software development in the UK, we focus on creating first class applications and timely delivery. Our app developers and the l design team of UI / UX create an attractive software for the UK and worldwide-located customers.

Custom Software Development

Our IT company based in the UK, from the moment of foundation concentrates on the development of bespoke software and integrated systems, is a leader in providing tailor-made software solutions based on web, mobile and cloud technology. An experienced team leader helps reduce the risks associated with the development process. Business analysts conduct a thorough survey of the markets of customers and competitors and lay the foundations for the project.

The project manager met with clients in the UK and abroad to analyze the needs of the company, the workflow of the organisation, the personal requirements, identify the central points of the idea of ​​the app and explain to the programming engineers who divide complex projects into smaller tasks what to do.

Through iterative development, we will provide you with the appropriate bespoke programming system to answer your needs. Such approaches to the development let us provide our clients with the necessary results.

Software Makes the Difference

We are committed to the development of business-driven IT solutions that make creative thinking feasible. A talented UK programmer will harness the power of the latest technology to provide a dynamic digital solution that will give you and your employees the power to achieve your goals more effectively. The development team will examine the client's business with expert knowledge of the workflow, objectives and problems. This is more than a business partner. The software developers will be part of your team. Ultimately, we will provide tools that can promote IT strategies worldwide. Dedicated app designers provide flexibility to adapt to changing needs and changing conditions. By combining their desire for innovation with the ability of the professional developer to realize the most difficult idea, the British development agencies are a really valuable ally.

Mobile Software Development

As one of the UK's most valuable mobile software development providers, our team has extensive experience in mobile technology, operating system and development tools. Mobile applications have become an integral part of a successful business to reach potential consumers around the world and train employees on the go.


Today's business users tend to iOS devices that are measurable progress at the corporate level with AppleCare support for businesses. Developers of iPhone applications based in the UK are familiar with Apple's software development tools such as Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Interface Builder, Cocoa Touch and others. Apple is known as a strict critic for sent mobile applications and App Store is the repository of high quality software solutions for iOS mobile devices. IPhone software developers will ensure that your app stands out from its competitors. Apple is also famous for interactive models and visual designs, and the iOS platform is attractive for customer-oriented applications with features such as Apple Pay and multi-touch interaction.


Android app developers will help you with the benefits of Google's open source platform. This increases the flexibility of customization and allows you to reach more diverse users through high-end brands such as Samsung and Sony. The British development team has a wonderful experience in creating superior applications of Android over other applications in the Google Play store with quality and user experience. Our software agency can handle both Android Studio and Eclipse IDE and offers customers interactive and engaging Android solutions with professional Java programmers who can use all available libraries. . The Android platform offers superior functions for commercial and commercial purposes. Open nature increases opportunities to personalize the user experience while ensuring direct integration with existing enterprise software solutions.


Despite the popularity of iOS and Android, the Windows operating system has a large user base. In addition, the latest Microsoft platform update can be considered as one of the most ambitious and innovative steps in the development of mobile software. With these updates in mind, the Visual Studio experience makes it possible to create universal Windows applications for all device families. The developers of Windows applications in the UK use all the capabilities of Windows 10 to create next-generation applications using programming languages ​​such as C #, C ++, Visual Basic, HTML, JavaScript and others. The Windows Mobile platform has an extensive set of development tools that Windows software developers can offer cutting-edge solutions for this platform.

Tech Stack

As an IT service provider, including IT consultants from the UK and the world, and software development, we respond to the client's request to expand our experience using the best technology and software development tools. I strive to do Even if you need to build rich Internet apps, even if you need to provide a measurable mobile presence for your business, this certified development company can respond accurately and in accordance with a universal standard.


HTML5 is the latest evolution of the HTML language. The markup language helps web designers in the UK to build and present the contents of web pages in the desired order. The latest version has new attributes, elements and behaviors that allow the developers of applications for the user to create more powerful and attractive websites. Among the advantages are good connectivity with the server, off-line operation with data stored on the client side, various presentation options, multimedia integration, acceleration optimization, and more.


PHP is an advanced scripting language that acts as a powerful tool for developers who create dynamic and interactive web pages. PHP is a general-purpose programming language that is used extensively to develop web applications in the UK and around the world. It is one of the main programming languages ​​that can interact with many databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL thanks to its multiplatform use, simplicity and functionality.


ASP.NET is a difficult main server side web app framework that allows programmers to create dynamic web pages. UK web developers are familiar with this Microsoft technology that can create dynamic web applications and services. Unlike other scripted technologies, our goal is to improve performance. Compile the server code into one or more DLL files the first time performance improves compared to a pure scripting language.


AngularJS is launched by Google's open-source JavaScript framework, which allows front-end web developers to create rich user interfaces in the Model-View-Controller and Model-View-ViewModel architectures. The bidirectional data link automatically synchronizes the data between the model and the view component. This automation saves developers time and reduces lines of code that save development time.


AJAX is a series of web development techniques that allow website designers in the UK and around the world to create interactive user interfaces and web pages. It can be combined with HTML, CSS, DOM, XML, JavaScript. This technology is widely used for Google Maps and the Google implementation of Gmail. AJAX developers do not have to update web pages, reload them, communicate with the server-side script or send data in background mode.

Database Technology

For enterprise-level projects, you need to back up your company's system using your own database. Fortunately, web programmers in the UK have extensive experience in the development of custom databases using state-of-the-art technologies such as MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Botte's relational database management system provides a complete database for demanding workloads. Our IT specialists use these products and other digital products to ensure data security and facilitate its administration.

IT Consulting and Technical Support

Our team is one of the most talented creative program developers in the UK, but we provide technical assistance after the project launch and IT consulting before starting development. A competent and experienced IT specialist will answer your questions about software development services and digital strategies for your business.

In addition, we are ready to constantly edit, update and update software solutions by integrating new features that meet the changing needs of the company, so that we can count on these people after the project is offered.

Domain Experience

For more than seven years of collaboration with various industries, we can deeply understand its qualities and properties and can provide highly specialized approaches for all major disciplines. I know how to replace standard products with custom and customized software tools. Our team brought together several business software projects for large, small businesses with needs in the UK and around the world. Our IT engineers and project managers automate and optimise workflows, increase productivity and efficiency, approach approaches with creative thinking and valuable experience.

Provide business-oriented solutions to create custom applications that simplify data analysis, automate reports and ensure better decision-making practices.

Health Care

In cooperation with representatives of the medical industry, we have supported the modernization, automation and optimization of many aspects related to patient care and the administration of medical facilities.


Our clients include restaurants and hotel owners who seek better expression in the Internet and mobile devices markets and offer customers booking and review functions.


Google developers have extensive experience to meet warehouse management and logistics needs through the integration of the Google Maps API and the customization of the user experience.


Regardless of e-commerce or m-commerce solutions, we are experts in the construction of such software and can ensure an attractive appearance, an intuitive appearance and a secure payment gateway. I will do it.


Our development UK team have many projects dedicated to a common goal of making education more accessible and fun. Allow teachers and students to speak from anywhere in the word.

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We are a professional IT service provider for mobile and web application development in the UK that has earned great customer’s trust. Since we are committed to individual approach and offering unique IT projects created from scratch. With the idea of ​​an app that accelerates business with the power of innovation, our dedicated programmer team will help you realise the boldest ideas via software development implementation.