Top 4 iPhone Games You Must Try

IPhone with its class and sophistication has a lot to offer to its users. With its ‘slice from the future’ UI, IPhones have some very addicting games in its app store.
Here is a list of 4 very captivating and time-killing games that you can have in your IOS device.

#1: Zen Bound

This is probably one of the most relaxing and creative games in the iPhone app store. The game is simple. You manipulate your phone in such a way that you are able to wind a rope round a carved and shaped wooden object. This game is more like yoga than a hand-held device game. You get to meditate and thing and be creative. For only $4.99, this app is an excellent escapade from your daily stressful life.

#2: Grand Theft Auto- Chinatown Wars

Now who hasn’t heard of GTA? Starting with Vice City to the latest GTA 5, almost everybody has heard or played this addicting game. So if you think that your iPhone device is just good for puzzles and simple arcade games think again. At just $9.99 you get to play this game on your iPhone. Initially, the onscreen controls and options may seem a little complicated, but with time you will master it. So if you are a hard core GTA fan or just looking to play some open world game on your device, look no further than GTA- Chinatown Wars.

#3: Asphalt 8: Airborne

For racing game lovers out there, there cannot be a better mobile racing game than Asphalt 8. With its high definition audio and visual, Asphalt 8: Airborne is a phenomenon of its own kind. A larger option of cars to choose from and availability of more tracks gives this game an edge over its competitors. Next time you’re bored you could turn this game on and delve into the world of racing. With branched roads through populated city streets, open fields, and the cops right behind you, this game is sure to make you forget about your lunch date.

#4: Rolando

Just like Nintendo has Mario, iPhone has its own puzzle based adventure game called Rolando. With every level you surpass, the difficulty level gets higher. But this game will never cease to make you smile. With excellent gameplay and animations, this game is sure to have you sit in your room facing your iPhone screen throughout the day.
Now that you have this little list, ‘The game is on!’